Free Evaluation

On site or by sending a picture.

To get a free evaluation, just come see us or send us a picture of your tattoo. It's fast and efficient!

Our goal is to facilitate access to the best laser tattoo removal technology, which is why we want to offer the service for a fraction of the price.

Do not hesitate to contact us to get your free estimate, your tattoo removal treatment is cheaper than you think!


Global price

Pricing by tattoo and not by number of sessions.

After obtaining your overall treatment cost evaluation, there are no more surprises!

The overall price includes 10 sessions while in the majority of cases, we will need only 6 to 8 sessions to complete the tattoo removal treatment.


Best technology

More efficient, fewer sessions.

We use the best tattoo removal laser on the market, the Syneron-Candela PicoWay ™.

This laser was designed specifically for tattoo removal using very high power pulses and extremely short durations (of the order of 300 to 500 picoseconds). It allows us to obtain better results in fewer sessions.

In addition, the three different wavelengths (1064 nm, 785 nm and 532 nm) offered by this device also allow us to offer a treatment perfectly adapted to the skin and tattoo colors of our customers.